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How comforting it is waking up and knowing the weather. If it will be raining, sunny, or snowy today and in the days ahead, help us plan how to dress, what shoes to wear, carry umbrella, dress warm and prepare for severe weather conditions.  Imagine if we can do the same with illnesses by reporting our symptoms through the smartphones. How great would it be to forecast disease outbreaks and prepare for them and even prevent them. This is what the Epidynamics is all about.

Epidynamics is a word we derived from epidemiology. Epidemiology is the science of monitoring disease trends. Epidynamics takes it one step further. It is a window to the live world of diseases and how they are spreading across cities, states, countries and the world in real time. The tracking of symptoms reported by you will help scientists and physicians to anticipate and forecast spread of diseases and eventually improve our knowledge on how to control such outbreaks.

I encourage you to report your symptoms through this app. The data is collected anonymously, and your confidential data are never collected. We analyze the symptoms and location from which they are reported. If unusually large numbers of residents from your city report the same symptoms, we will know that there is a disease outbreak going on in your city.

It takes 10 seconds or less to report your symptoms and does not cost you anything. You will be contributing to the current and future health of our human world.

To the better future of our health, we will unite and help each other for this good cause.

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